Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Verbs that begin with the letter "Д"

I modified some of the sentences found in The Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs to apply to my life.

In San Francisco-

After being approached by a co-worker:
До меня дошли слухи, что ты переедешь в Техасе?
I heard rumors that you will be moving to Texas?

After minimal research on Wikipedia:
Сибирская погода доставит мне много хлопот.
The Siberian weather will cause me a lot of trouble.

After hours upon hours scouring, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.:
Достать дешевые билеты в Остин из Украина нелегко.
It is quite difficult to obtain cheap tickets to Austin from Ukraine.

After creating a spread sheet that calculated the approximate cost of this trip:
Я до нолночи думала над проблемой.
I spent half the night thinking about the problem.

After spending a lovely weekend with my sisters:
АОП в Беркли достигли успеха огромным трудом.
AOII at Berkeley achieved success through very hard work.

Along my journey-

After having to stand next to a creeper for 2 hours:
Мужик, дышавший мне в затылок, вышел из поезда.
The man, who was breathing down my neck, got off the train.

After five minutes with my new train friend, Boris:
Он дует водку, как воду.
He guzzles vodka like water.

After realizing Boris drinks even more than our inflated expectations:
"Давайте не дружить с Борисом, он двоечник," говорил Джеймс.
James said, "Let's stop being friends with Boris, he is a failure."

After a long day and obnoxious conversation with Boris:
А ну, Борис, дуй отсюда!
Get out of here, Boris!

Just for fun-

I have always loved a man in uniform:
Войцы не дрогнули перед врагом.
The soldiers did not falter in the face of the enemy.

Sometimes in life, you will need to tuck and roll!:
Ты дрожишь только за свою шкуру! 
You only care about your own hide!
I know I can be crazy at times, but I hope no one ever says this about me:
Она уже на ладан дышит.
She has one leg in the grave.


  1. hahah Why are the Russian phrases so depressing?? geez

  2. Haha, I guess you are right! Russians are crazy. I love it.