Friday, August 27, 2010

Урра! Наши паспорты приехали!


Сегодня наши паспорты приехали.  Спасиба за Виза Экспрэс!  Было очень легко.  Я болновалась, потому что на моей фотографмии я улыбалась и это не приятно для России.  Не понимаю почему людям не нравится улыбаться... но я знаю, что иногда когда я улыбаюсь не можете видите мои глаза.  По моему, мой рот не красивый без зубов!  Итак, я играла денги и победила!

Подумаете...что сделает если Россия сказала нет и отказала, что нельзя приходить!  "Покеда, Джеймс!  Маршрут изменился!"

Я почти готова!


Today our passports came back in the mail.  Thank you, Visa Express.  It was actually super easy to get a visa with this company.  We just sent them our passports, a money order, some passport pictures and *poof* our passports had visas!  It was so convenient because there are 5 of us who needed visas for China, and I needed a visa for China and Russia.  I was worried because I was smiling in my passport pictures and I know that is not cool by Russian standards.  I don't understand why Russians don't like smiling faces...but I guess it is true that when I have a full smile on my face, you sometimes can't see my eyes.  In my opinion, my mouth looks ugly without a full set of pearly whites!  So, by sending them pictures of me smiling, I made a gamble and I won!

This was actually a legitimate concern on my part though.  Think about it...what would I have done if Russia said, "no" and refused my entrance into it's country!  "Buh-bye, James!  There has been a slight change of schedule!"

With my passport in hand, I am almost ready to start traveling!

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  1. Your hair looks good in that pic too, Kika! Love the bangs