Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Erika Erikovna: Trans-Siberian Collection 2010

Imagine this: Beautiful young brunette inspired to explore new territories strikes out on an epic adventure of a life time. Her rugged yet refined style turns heads as she traverses the globe via the longest railway in the world. Her adventurous attitude is captured through her wardrobe: a delicate straw hat, khaki colored shorts, strappy sandals, and big sunglasses - Oddly, it looks like that collection was already done by Banana Republic, but no, this is Erika Erikovna: Trans-Siberian Collection 2010.

Please do not sue me Banana Republic. I am already your walking billboard, ok!

So, I know my sisters will understand this, but all of my life, I have lived off of hand-me-downs and thrift store clothes. Going skiing with a group of 5 is expensive! So, naturally, we all fought over the one "cool" pair of black ski pants. The ones that don't look like the 80's ski gear you see in Hot Tub Time Machine. Now that I am an established young adult who makes her own money, I have kissed thrifting good-bye and have become that Ski Bunny I could never have been with the teal colored over-all ski pants that smelled like the Salvation Army.

Recently, I have started fantasizing about the select few pieces of clothing that will be found worthy of making the journey with me. The best shots from this 2 week photo shoot of the Trans-Siberian Collection 2010 will have the honor of adorning my new house in Austin, Texas along side St. Petersburg 2006, Cancun 2007 and Yellowstone 2008.

One major flaw to my stylish collection, Siberia really is the cold place everyone has expected it to be. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but this unknown territory I will be gallivanting about is really not all that "unknown" thanks to the Internet. After spending 10 minutes on Wikipedia, I decided to see for myself- Irkutsk, for example, averages as low as 37°F in September. So, there goes my fantasy about strappy sandals and a straw hat. Back to the drawing boards. Not all is lost because I was planning to expand my collection to include exotic fur purchased along the route. I guess that elegant Siberian fur hat will be making an appearance down the run way sooner than expected!

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  1. He he... little did you know that your stylish wardrobe would be infected by BEDBUGS! So much for glamor while trekking through Eastern Europe.