Wednesday, April 7, 2010

White House/Black Market!

Ой, я устала... но я много спала. Сегодня я с моей подругой поедём в центр и мы поедём в магазин, который называется Белый Дом/Черный Рынок. Я очень люблю ето магазин.

Oy, I am tired... but I slept a lot. Today my room mate and I are going downtown to go shopping at a store called White House/Black Market. I love that store.


  1. Just looked it up online, looks like they have nice stuff! Kind of expensive though!

  2. Just looked at the website, seems like they have really pretty stuff. Kind of expensive though!

  3. oops, did I accidentally post a comment twice? I couldn't see my first one. Oh well... :P