Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, how do you prepare for what could be the most epic adventure of your young life. I have been on many amazing trips and vacations across the USA and world, but some how this one feels different. Usually I am staying in a luxurious 5 star hotel with my love by a sunny beach. I get to hold sharks, drink pina coladas under an umbrella and get the tan that lasts all year. Although Siberia won't be the frozen edge of the world people usually think of when they hear the word "Siberian," it's not exactly the vacation of a life time.

When the idea to materialize this crazy trip I have long dreamed of, I finally decided to crack down. If anyone was holding me back in anyway, it is me. What a clique concept, no?
Step one: Resolve to go alone or find someone as crazy as you who is willing to go with you
Step two: Buy a travel book. I purchased for this trip: Trans-Siberian Handbook by Bryn Thomas. It had better reviews on Amazon and was cheaper than the Lonely Planet
Step three: Start studying!

I started reading the Trans-Siberian book I bought and started making my travel route. Then, I realized that in order to meet and talk to all the interesting people I hoped to meet along my journey, I would have to get an even better grip on the language. I started translating articles on my own on my spare time, but I needed something more. That's when James and I decided we could take some private tutoring lessons together in order to prep for the trip.

So far I have had 1 lesson and love it! We are using internet articles, popular music and films to expand our vocabulary. Which is what leads me to my current activity: watching a movie called Жара (Heat).

Сейчас я смотру филмь, который называется Жара.

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