Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here comes the Sun: My Vacation in Austin

Let me tell you about the amazing vacation I had over the weekend with my boyfriend, Nat. After he was accepted into the University of Texas at Austin's Law School, we planned a weekend get away to visit the school to get a feel for the life in Texas. Boy howdy, did Austin deliver.

I was maybe more excited than Nat because I have some great friends who live in Austin. We spent Thursday evening with our Berkeley friends, John and Corey. They took us to a popular Tex-Mex Restaurant and then with our stomachs full we headed home. We watched Men who Stare at Goats. It was a very mellow night spent in lovely company.

Friday, while Nat checked out the law school, I was thrilled to be shown around Austin by my AOII hero, Ginger Banks. She used her Texas charm to get us through private roads on campus in her car. I got a tour of the campus from my very own UT graduate. Then we went to an amazing lunch on Lake Travis called Oasis. What a beautiful view!! After being convinced that central Texas has lakes, trees and hills, I was dropped off at my hotel.

That night, Nat and I grabbed dinner at a local Thai place on 6th Street and then met up with some other UT admitted students for a few beers. Good to know that we get along with the people we might be in acquaintance with for the next three years. Eventually, my good friend Will who I used to work with at Health Diagnostics met up with us. He took me out to some of the clubs on 4th Street and had an amazing time dancing the night away!

Saturday and Sunday, Nat and I explored more of Texas. We went to the Barton Hot Springs - a popular natural hot spot where people go swimming. Imagine - swimming in an unheated body of water in March! After walking back to our hotel, we got ready to go to the Alamo Draft House, a local theatre that serves food and beer. We watched the surprisingly funny Hot Tub Time Machine and eat chili and drank Texas' beer, Lone Star. On the walk back to the hotel, we witnessed the famous bat colony emerge from beneath the bridge into the evening sky. What a site! That evening, we ate at Stubs. We ate like kings and after gorging ourselves with BBQ, we caught a cab home and passed out.

So, how does this relate to my Trans-Siberian Journey? Well, after my quest of self-realization, I have to live somewhere, don't I? Why not live in an exciting and vibrant city the resembles Berkeley, expect rent is actually manageable. Unfortunately, I think that my Spanish skills will be more useful than my Russian skills.

and... I will not be translating this one... just yet.

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  1. Джакуззи аппарат-времени. That's my guess.