Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Kids

This last week, I got to sit in and participate in dance lessons at our orphanage.  It was a lot of fun, because the kids are taught all forms of dance.  One dance involved some home made frilly ballerina skirts.  The girls were having a little too much fun - as you can see in this video.  It was super cute.

I really wish I had Nat to teach them some amazing Swing aerials.  Baby, we would rock their world if they could only see what we can do!  We could leave them saying, "It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that Swing!"

The next day, I spent at the Family Crisis Center.  It sounds more intense than it really is.  It's more like a fun place where kids can go to use a computer, get extra tutoring, draw, and even get some food and clothes if needed.  They hold fun parties and events during holidays, and really give kids a fun safe place where they can go hang out.

I spent my day at the center with a cute eight-year old girl named Lera and a couple of fifteen-year old girls who were very excited to hear everything I had to say about life in California.  They love Justin Bieber, High School Musical, and ever thing else American culture has to offer.  I had fun talking to them, but soon they had to partake in their Mathematics lesson.  I spent the rest of the day drawing with Lera, until I started to feel the affects of only four hours of sleep.  We spent all night at a bar for a friend's birthday party the night before, but that is another story in and of itself.  I was fading and knew I had to do something fast, so I busted out my Canon camera.

Lera and me holding each other's art
 Introducing her to my camera was a brilliant idea, because what proceeded was an extra long photo shoot and bonding between us two girls.  We went on a walk together, and she just laughed and laughed as she took pictures of unsuspecting strangers.

What follows are a series of pictures, mostly of life through the eyes of Lera.  It truly was a wonderfully rewarding day.  
Outside of the Center

The Fifteen-year olds and Lera

Houses and Garages

I would have had too much shame to take pictures like this.  Oh, to be young.
I had to explain to her that it wasn't OK to take pictures who do not want to be photographed

Again with the shamelessness

Wall Art

Park Foliage



Lera - self shot
Fashionable Lady Friends

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