Monday, November 1, 2010

Well, we already have costumes...

Of course we had to celebrate Halloween two nights in a row!  Did you not see how fabulous we all looked?  The following night was just as Halloween spirited as the first. We got dressed up again and went to a house party of a friend and continued to take pictures. I took so many pictures the past two nights that I had to delete some pictures from Kiev! It's ok, they are already on my laptop, but let's hope my netbook doesn't get stolen!

We got it started in the Metro station
Bathtube decorations
All the iPhones in the house!
For some reason, Vader and James thought the Saudi should die
Nerkez was a little too happy to see the shot tray

His mustache reminded me of Nat's!  He was the the Cop from the Village People.  I'll have to post a picture of that later...

If the head dress wasn't silly enough, check out the guy who is trying to eat it off my head!
So there you go, folks.  It turns out if you try hard enough, you can always find a little piece of home where ever you go.  This may have been one of the best Halloween's in history!

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