Friday, November 19, 2010

Through Your Eyes

Our newest project at the center is one that will encourage self-expression, creativity and improve the writing skills of our children at "The Way Home."  Yesterday, we had a meeting with our foundation president about the state of our websites, and how we needed to improve its user friendliness.  There are so many aspects to our foundation, and each one has its own website that is not necessarily up kept regularly, which can be problematic for new comers who are interested in learning more or getting involved.  For example, we have a blog that is updated maybe twice a month; a true shame considering how much interesting work and fun activities occur here on a daily basis.  I suggested the following project: why not have the kids be in charge of running our blog?  After all, they are the reason why why are here, why not allow them to share their stories and experiences first hand to the world?  To me, blogging is the best way to share your experiences with friends and family who you otherwise cannot call every day.  It makes me feel special to know people back home care enough to read my stories.  I hope to give these street kids a similar self-esteem boost.  I want them to know that people around the world care about what they have to say and about their daily lives.  

The idea was received well, and it was decided that I would be in charge of giving a presentation in Russian (!) to the kids the following day.  I spent the rest of the day constructing a power point.
Some of the kids during the presentation

When it came time to give my presentation, I started by asking the crowd of children who likes computers.  All hands went up.  I went on to tell them that I love computers too, and feeling confident that they would like my idea, I just dove right in.

I titled my power point: 

My first slide asked the question, "What is a blog?"  One of the kids responded with, "Bog??" which is Russian for "God."  It was quite funny, but as soon as we cleared that misunderstanding up, the rest was smooth sailing.

I explained what it meant to have a blog, why it would be interesting for them to write down their stories, and how much fun it would be to act like a journalist everyday.  They all seemed excited about the idea, but getting them to sit down with a computer and just write will be the next step.  Today, I will chase down some of them and try to get the ball rolling.  I am excited to learn about where this project will lead the foundation!

Art in the Classroom - painted by the children


  1. Wow, those are some seriously adorable street urchins. Great idea by the way, Erica!