Friday, September 10, 2010

Austin Russian Language Meetup! : Остин Русский Язык Мейтуп

After months of anticipation, I finally got to meet my newest friends at the Austin Russian Language Meetup. is an amazing Internet based site that allows you to search for like-minded individuals with whom you can "meet up" with regularly to engage in activities you are interested in.  As soon as I decided to move to Austin, I logged into my account and searched "Russian" in "Austin, TX."   I was jumping off the walls with excitement when I found this group and was eager to finally attend a meeting.

Yesterday did not disappoint.  I met Marc, the administrator, who was very knowledgeable about the language and has been studying for some 15 + years.  He was really cool and we had a decent conversation in Russian upon my arrival.  I have high hopes for myself as this conversation went incredibly well.  Then there was Andromeda - a cool girl with an even cooler name!  I know we will have plenty in common as she is a Burner, actress, loves Shakespeare, and also speaks Spanish and Russian.  Tom was an equally cool man who has been studying Russian for a few years post his trip to Yugoslavia with his wife.  He came prepared with all kinds of material for us to share and look at during our lesson.

We chatted about Russian mail/Internet order brides - I told them about my friend, "Crazy Dave" from the Ukraine, who started one of the first Internet order bride services in the early 90's.  He did have high success rates with the couples he set up; most of them are still together with happy families to this day.

I was happy to hear they were interested in following my blog so I sent them the link.  One thing Marc did point out was that I don't have nearly as much Russian on my blog as I had been boasting! Well... let's see...

Я улетаю во воскресение!  Я уже не знаю где я буду жить на моей поездке.  У меня билеты на самелоте, но никакие гостиницы.  Моя книга заявляет, что я могу просто ходить в Мак Дональдсе в город, искать бабушку, и спросить ей где можно лежить спать. Я решила лучше сделать это потому что, я ленивая!  Книга, я рассчитываю на тебя!

Это мой план, чуваки.  Я уже не купила былеты на поезд потому что, чтобы купить былеты на интернет очень дорого!  Я знаю, что они дешевые купить в лицо.  Конечно, я больнуюсь.

I flight out on Sunday!  I still don't know where I will be living along my journey.  I have plane tickets, but no hotel reservations.  My travel book says I can just walk to the nearest McDonald's in the city, look for a grandmother, and ask her where I can sleep for the night.  I have decided to take this route because I am super lazy!  Travel book, I am totally relying on you, so please deliver.

This is my plan, guys.  I haven't even bought any train tickets because buying them online is so incredibly expensive!  I know that buying them in person is much cheaper... it has to be!  Of course I am kinda scared though, not going to lie.

I will let you guys know how it works out for me when the time comes.  For now, I will just focus on what fun things I can buy when in Beijing... !  This will be the shopping extravaganza of a lifetime!


  1. That is so awesome Erica! I knew you could sniff out the Russians in Austin :) And yes, please bring some sort of walking shoes. Even if they are not your gym shoes. You have some pretty areas to explore (lakes, castles, etc) that might be easier to do in flats. I expect lots of pictures and updates! Bon Voyage roomie! (ps...I am looking for another roommate again because Tristan is looking for a cheaper room for rent. All good things must come to an end I guess).

  2. Erika, I can't wait to hear about all of your travels! It sounds like you're taking a similar philosophy that my brother and I took when we went to Europe, so we'll definitely need to compare notes :)

    oh, and Burner talk and languages are definitely on when you get back!

    Have an amazing time!