Thursday, September 30, 2010

My irreverence prevails

I go through life laughing, and cracking jokes, even in Eastern Europe where a smile is like a slap in the face that says, "Stranger, you are so typical and predictable that I feel like I already know you."  In the end, though stoic and somber when necessary, my irreverence prevails.

Let me recap my day.  I woke up this morning, happy that I was in a bed that was not moving and jolting.  I got dressed and got ready to tackle a new day. 

First stop, former NKVD (precursor to the KGB) prison turned museum.

Please don't take me to Siberian Gulag, my friend

I didn't see a sign that said, "No Photography" but I figured that the nature of my pictures would probably get me kicked out, so ever snap shot gave me a jolt of adrenaline.  For example, I really wanted to give Lenin a kiss, but I am sure that must go against some national law of defacing and defiling Soviet monuments and statues.

OK Lenin, I go 90 per cent, you go 10 per cent

After we left, I kept thinking that my irreverence at the NKVD museum was a little uncalled for.  I mean, I did ask if they sold souvenirs.  

Erica:  "Do you think they sell Soviet pins here?"
James:  "Erica, would you ask for a souvenir from Auschwitz?"
Erica:  "Ummm...maybe?"
James:  "Remind me to never take you to a concentration camp."

We continued our day, making our way through the туристические достопримечательности.  Yes, that is how you say "tourist attractions."  My theory is that Russians really don't take kindly to strangers - so they really make it as difficult as possible to ask, "Where are your most famous tourist attractions?"

I'm the Richest Woman in Russia!
I took this picture next to a huge wooden 1 ruble coin (you need 30 of those to make a dollar these days).  

I have some more somber and equally awesome pictures, but the internet at this hostel is so slow!  I will have to update more upon arrival at Yekaterinburg.  See you soon!


  1. Lenin wanted to go 20% but is holding himself back. I can see it in his eyebrows.

  2. Erica, I'm so proud of all that you have accomplished. I love to read your blog, I feel as if I am on the trip with you!

    Have some Vodka for me and if possible send me a bottle(I do love vodka)!

    Your uncle