Sunday, September 12, 2010

ООО Канада! : Ohhh Canada!

Смотрите моя фотка!  Я уже не спала!  Я только спала два часа утром субботы и вечера вечером была свадьба все день.  После свадьбе мы с семьей поехали в ресторан, чтобы пожаловать мой день рождения.  Мои друзья, Ашли и Абрей, приходили.  Я была так рада!  

У меня были фотки, но я потеряли они к сожалению.  Не хочу расковыриваться об этом.  Мы с семьей ездили в аэропорт очень рано а, поэтому нам нужны надо были ложиться на полу.  Это фотки из ейФона
Я так устала!!  Надо спать.  Следующий самолёт отдаётВ Пекин!  

Look at this picture!  I still haven’t had a real night’s sleep.  I only slept 2 hours on Friday night before I went to the airport and yesterday was the wedding.  After the wedding I went with my family to a restaurant in Los Angeles to celebrate my birthday before going to the airport.  My two best friends, Ashley and Aubrey, came as well.  I was so excited to actually get to have company because I was under the impression that they only birthday celebrating I would do would be scoring free drinks on the flight to China.  I had a lot of awesome sleep deprived pictures from this early morning rendezvous at Canter’s Restaurant but I lot them all, unfortunately.  I don’t really want to talk about it. 

Anyways, my family and I all arrived at the airport super early because my mom was worried about it being an international flight.  She insisted 3 hours prior to take off was the minimum (though you all know how I feel about showing up 5 minutes before my flight leaves).  We ended up sleeping on the floor waiting for the counter to open so we could check in our bags.  This picture was spared because it was taken on the iPhone.

I am so tired!!  I need to sleep.  Next flight waits!  Next stop, Beijing!

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  1. For a second I thought, wait, is that Erica with purple hair? I haven't seen any post burning man pics so you never know. And then I realized it was Qui. I Qui!