Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The countdown begins... 4...

My backpack is in Los Angeles, set and ready to go.  I even have one extra bag packed with me that I will later use to fill with Siberian treasures.  The bag currently contains chocolate covered almonds, coffee, and dried mangos to share with my future Russian friends who I meet on the Trans-Siberian.  If good conversation isn't enough to entice strangers to hang out with me,  gifts will!  I learned a lot from Burning Man.

I have one question, loving fans: should I still pack a pair of tennis shoes?  I can see the necessity of comfortable shoes so I can explore uncharted territory - my mom never fails to remind me how horribly China was without a good pair of walking shoes.  I mean, I really want to fend of the trench foot as long as possible.  Also, I really was hoping to jog around Odessa, Ukraine when I finally am stationary.  Getting to know the city over morning exercise sounds alluring.

Negatives: Remember my post "Heels and Vodka: A Lesson on Russian Culture" ?  Well, I keep having flash backs of the dirty looks I got while wearing tennis shoes the last time I was in Russia.  Also, tennis shoes are heavy unless you are wearing them, meaning I will most likely be wearing them all the time.  I already packed two pairs of heels and a pair of flats so shoes are starting to weigh me down!  Also, the movie about the girl gaily running around the streets of Moscow then suddenly getting mowed down by oncoming traffic has got me a little paranoid.  

So people, do I sacrifice some dignity in Russia in exchange for comfort or do I go big or go home and suck it up for fashion?  Have I matured enough in a few months to realize that comfort is everything (haha!).  Let me know soon, I fly out on Sunday at 7AM!

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