Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"This is a Poly-what Camp?"

Burning Man Story #1:  

After 2 days of searching, Mark and I finally found the holy grail of night time munchies: a full restaurant that served grilled cheese sandwiches to hungry Burners between 12AM and 4AM.  After waiting in line, we were seated by our hostess at a table for three next to this nice-looking young woman.  We befriended this San Franciscan and asked her how she was enjoying her burn when she relayed this story to us:  She was invited to BM by an ex-boyfriend of 10 years ago with whom she gets along with reasonably well.  She had never been but had always wanted to go to Burning Man and accepted his invitation with trusting enthusiasm.  She said all was going well, until she discovered that the theme camp she was lodged with was the "Polyamorous Camp!"  She stated convincingly that she was not judgmental and really didn't mind, as she was perfectly fine wandering around the Playa on her own when things got a little tangled back at the camp site.   

That's kind of a big thing to neglect to tell someone right?!  That's worse than showing up to a Toga Party, only to find out your friends lied to's not a Toga Party.  Right, Mark?   

She had such a great attitude; I was floored by her ability to roll with the punches, and that was a pretty low blow.  She just shrugged her shoulders and didn't let that awkward love decagon get in her way of having a good Burn. 

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