Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pizza Hut and Haagen Daaz- What else would we want to eat in China?

Pizza Hut and Haagen Daaz are fancy restaurants in China.  They have waitresses, beautiful lamps, and a wide assortment of foods.  My family ordered some of the most deceivingly delicious meal at Pizza Hut.  One of our entrees was called “Ocean Treasures.”  It came in a little ceramic dish with six cups.  Each cup was filled with tentacles, shrimp and other seafood items.  It was doused in pumpkin soup, and covered with cheese. Our pizza had little cheese and shrimp balls cooked into the crust. This is China’s idea of American food.

Shrimp Ball and Cheese Pizza

Ocean Treasures "Soup"

 James managed to find his way through the rain and we eventually headed to Haagen Daaz.  The selection was stupendous, and I am saddened by the fact that my only experience with the brand in the US is little ice cream bars that come in boxes from Costco.  Delicious, but just not as good as “Melting with Baileys.”

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