Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Impression of Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine is a beautiful and diverse city.  It has a rich history and boasts influences of people of all the neighboring areas.  I know I will truly enjoying living and enjoying the local eateries and entertainment circles.  Just take a look at the local sites.
Fine Arts Museum
Love Tree

Local Park
Catherine the Great Statue
Opera House

We have had a couple of opportunities to see the city nightlife and I am not convinced I know how I feel about it.  It is unlike any other city I have ever been too.  Odessa’s summer life is much like Miami, sensual with delictable food and equally delicious looking people.   Only I am told that Odessa is much sexier according to the hostel inhabitants I have met here so far.  This may sound like it would be fun at first glance, as what young adult would not want to live in a city where the nightlife energy is constantly pulsing?  There is one thing that you learn very quickly here, my new American friend informed me, the dance clubs here are like strip clubs, and the strip clubs are whore houses.  Good to know, friend.  Naturally, this environment attracts a different type of traveler than I am used to after my month traveling along the Trans-Siberian Railway.  I didn’t think I would ever have to say this, but I miss Siberia!  I am currently sitting in my hostel listening to one Ukrainian tell a traveler how to go about acquiring a wife/woman here.  It is probably the most entertaining conversation I have ever overheard.

All is well though.  I have already found a new bar that will satisfy my need to dance and have a casual evening.  This bar is known as Шарф (“Sharf” or Cupboard).  The first night was Latin flavored, with a live band playing songs like La Bamba.  

Live Band that played Latin Music
Last night we went back again and I was surprised that it was now Japanese themed!  The bar tenders were dressed like Ninjas and Kabuki performers.  

Ninja and Hiroshima Drink Special
Only in Ukraine can you have a Japanese themed club that serves a special cocktail of the night called “Hiroshima.”  Somehow, any other country in the world would probably not be able to pull this off. 

Kabuki Bar Tender
 I can see myself being a local at this bar.  Wonder if they have a schedule of events somewhere?  I would love to partake in the costume parties night by night.  

With our drunk hostel host

Our hostel is strange and fun in a disturbing way.  For example, our hostel host just realized how much fun drinking can be.  He is like a college freshman who just took his first shot; only he is in his mid-twenties.  

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