Thursday, October 14, 2010

International Airports

We got dropped off at the airport by our overly proud of American culture Russian taxist.  We had some Roubles to kill before heading to Ukraine so Claudia and I enjoyed an amazing American breakfast at the airports TGIF.  I was so enthralled with our waiter’s collection of soviet pins all over his TGIF overalls, that I didn’t even realize that the orange juice Claudia and I ordered were close to ten dollars each!  Not to self: Do not drink fresh squeezed orange juice in Russia.  I have read that during the Soviet Times, one was unable to obtain oranges; I thought that times had changed by apparently oranges are still a commodity not to be taken lightly.   

Claudia: “Erica, we have made the poorest beverage decisions on this trip.” 
Erica: “Never thought I would say this, but from now on we are moving to Vodka, pure and straight- with an occasion splurge on bottled water.”

After enjoying our breakfast, we leisurely walked to the Aeroflot flight departures.  Turns out, our ticket had failed to state that we needed to fly out of a totally different terminal than the one we were currently at.  I managed to figure out where to go using my knowledge of the Russian language; I found out we needed to run.  Running with a 40 pound back pack is not fun; I am slightly regretting having purchased Atlas Shrugged in Moscow.  Even though we were highly mistaken as to where our plane was flying from, we made it to our flight on time – further proving my point that you most definitely do not need to be at an airport three hours prior to take off.  

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