Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fail, in the best possible way

Claudia and I took a cab to a dance club that our hostel host recommended.  Upon arrival, we realized it was colder than our cute outfits could handle, it was raining, and there was an extremely long line.  We quickly decided that we were definitely not waiting in line for a club that may or may not even let us in, especially one playing notoriously bad techno.  After scouting out the entrance, I decided that Claudia and I should just go to the front and speak English.  It was worth a shot.  They were doing extreme “Face Control” that night, meaning they look at you like you were a piece of meat in a super market and decide if you are good enough to eat.  The bouncer basically just told us he doesn’t speak English and turned his back.  We are from California, we don’t stand in lines.  There ended our escapade out to the dance club in Kiev.

We cabbed back to the main boulevard and found a brewery called Шато (Shato or possibly Chateau?).  This was Claudia’s last night in Ukraine, so we decided to go big.  When our waiter came by, we told him that we each wanted one of the brewery’s specials.

Erica: “Give me the самый большый! 2 Liters” 
Waiter: “That size is for two people.”
Erica: “So….”
Waiter: “Okay, 0.5 liters.”

Claudia and I laughed so hard after he walked away.  It seems like this entire trip, people have given us strange looks when we order way more food than they are used to seeing girls eat.  This waiter just flat out told me, “No.”  It’s like when you order Chinese takeout and you get your meal with four sets of chop sticks.  Fail, in the best possible way.

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