Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our dates have arrived!

James and I wanted to have a chill night last night because both of us had friends who were flying into Moscow today to meet up.  Last night we went to dinner with an old friend who we met on the epic train ride to Yekaterinburg.  Not the crazy one who attempted to prove his love for me via dull switch blade, but the other more relaxed and coherent one.  He and I started to dance floor initially by doing what he calls the Shuffle, to me it just looks like 20's Charleston.  He was visiting his childhood best friend who really wanted to meet me and James.  They were so nice to take us out to dinner, buy us a couple of drinks and even drive us around the city to give us a night tour.  I am so taken back by how kind people can be to complete strangers.  They all had to work the next day, but still we were out until 2AM, seeing the sights and chatting about Russian and American life.  It was definitely great to be in a car, even if we were going over 10MPH on the surface streets.  

Claudia with a Пирожок
This morning, I heard my alarm and was excited to get ready to head off to the airport to meet my best friend, Claudia.  I wanted to make sure she made it to the hostel alright, so I decided to brave the Moscow Metro to find her.  I speak Russian, how hard can it be?  Well, to make a long story short, I made it through the Metro without any issues, but as soon as I had to find the bus to take me to the airport, I was completely lost.  I asked people, looked around, and even had to yell at a cab driver for trying to rip me off by offering an extremely over priced cab ride.  I finally found my way, feeling like I was about to cry.  Sadly, I was not the composed friend, waiting patiently at the international arrivals area with a smile adorning my face.  It didn't matter, because as soon as I saw Claudia, all my frustrations slipped away!   I now have a female accomplice to romp about Russia with.  James has been great, but I don't think he understands my fascination with women wearing jackets that match their stiletto heels, and leopard print nylons.  Claudia and I already have great plans to obtain metallic colored leggings to wear instead of jeans.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Swing!

We got all dressed up and walked to the Red Square to take pictures.  This picture up top reminds me our old times swing dancing with The Movement at UC Berkeley!  Ever girl's dream: dress up, photo shots, and strong men that treat us like ladies.  Grand old times.  

James and Johnna
My date is cuter: FACT
 We have both been eagerly anticipating the day our dates arrive in Moscow.

James' date, Johnna, is super nice and very fashionable.  I am really glad that we both have friends who came all they way around the world to hang out with us and join the adventure. 

Marx, where have you been all my life!?

Lenin was found in every city we have visited so far, but strangely, Marx was no where to be found!  

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  1. Когда мы гоняли на Cadillac CTS по улицам города со скоростью 100mph, Павел пошутил, что его подруга профессиональный водитель. Она недавно получила права. Ha ha. :)