Saturday, October 30, 2010

You are leaving the American sector

One of my best friends and faithful blog followers, Rachel, told me she started to collect shot glasses right after she left Berlin and really regretted not buying one there.  She told me she would be so extremely happy if I brought her back one if I happened to make it out there.  Her one request fueled my determination to find a way to Berlin.  Also, I really wanted some new additions to my rock collection.  Some pieces of the Berlin wall would look amazing on Nat's window sill.  

So I bought a round trip ticket and embarked to visit Germany's capital.  I left at 8AM and returned at 8PM.  I spent the day literally power walking from site to site, jumping on and off of my city bus tour.  It gave me great pride to experience my first real day of site seeing and exploring alone.  Can you imagine?  I am so lucky to have such amazing friends to travel with.  Thank you, James, Claudia, Katryna and of course, my family.  

Vader, I know finding work has been tough since the Empire fell

Holocaust Memorial

Memorial to the formerly divided city
The Wall!

The historical landmark
Check Point Charlie

This sign really encompasses my trip

East Side Gallery

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