Sunday, October 3, 2010

Эрика, я тебя люблю! : Erica, I love you!

Я познакомилась с русскими людями, и было очень интересно!  Мы пыли пиво конечно и скоро мы начали танцевать на поезде.     

I had an amazing time with my new friends on the train ride from Tomsk to Yekaterinburg.  We drank some beer and before we knew it, we had started a dance party on the dining car after hours.  

After spending the rest of the night laughing and dancing in the dining car, we started to play music on my iPhone.  I played some Soviet songs for kicks and what proceeded next was the epitome of everything I wanted and hoped for this trip - a drunken sing-a-long to the Anthem of the Soviet Union with Russian strangers in a train car somewhere in Siberia.  We sang so loudly, other patrons of the dining car eagerly joined in and cheered in nostalgia.

We eventually got kicked out of the dining car and were forced to walk back to our car through halls of sleeping passengers.

All was going well until the Russian who told us he had been studying to become an Orthodox priest started questioning his life long devotion and started to ask me to be his woman.

"Эрика, я тебя люблю!" - Это что мой новый друг мне сказал много раз.  Как глупый этот мальчик, который учится на семинарии.

"Erica, I love you! - This was what my new friend told me many times that night.  I kept thinking, he's harmless; what a silly boy who is in his fifth year in the seminary.  

"Erica, you break my heart. You kill me."
What happened next basically reaffirms every stereotype of "Crazy Drunk Russians" I have ever known.  After I repeatedly rejected his advances many times, he told me, "Erica, you break my heart. You kill me."  He pulled out his switch blade and showed me how painful my rejection was.  Friends, because I am sure you will be concerned for my safety let me reassure you that I was extremely sober, and somehow this distorted display of affection was more hysterical than frightening.

Ok, maybe not so dull!

"What a dull knife" I kept thinking.

Very soon after he drew blood, I decided it was time to find my bed and go to sleep.  I had had enough fun for the day.  He continued to follow me around the following morning.  Needless to say, after the previous night, I was not shocked to see him with yet another been in hand.  


  1. Привет Erica!!!! :) Вы с Джеймсом оставили в нашей душе неизгладимые впечатления. Было очень приятно общаться с вами. Мне было приятно видеть твое жизнерадостное лицо с сияющей улыбкой. Жаль, что я так и не смог сходу разучить танец A la shafl с тобой. Для меня, часть Америки осталась в Екатеринбурге. Но кто знает? Быть может увидимся. Передай привет Джеймсу.
    Crazy Drunk Russians (Роман и Андрей)

  2. OMG Erica!!!!!!!!!! That is insane. And I can't believe you actually have pictures of him cutting himself. So creepy. Where the hell is James during all of this? Bad James!

  3. OMG Erica!!!!!!!!!! скажи Джеймсу:" Джеймс, давай жги, Росcия тобой гордится!!!" Надо иметь смелость, чтобы путешествовать по Росии, где не развит туристический бизнес. И ещё. Тот кто даже в аду остается человеком, тот достоин уважения. James, Respect.