Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where statues go to die

What do you do with the relics of your slightly unpleasant past? Well, some countries, rather than look the skeletons in their closet in the face, will destroy or burn the memorabilia they choose to forget.  Russia, on the other hand, tore down their Soviet monuments and converted their grim past into something the future can appreciate and enjoy – what follows is a colorful and somewhat disturbing addition to my Trans-Siberian Collection 2010 taken at a statue park in Moscow.

Some of these statues reminded me of Burning Man.  There were people climbing them and taking silly pictures just like me.  I promise I wasn't that annoying tourist!  I was just joining in on the fun!

I was a little surprised that parents bring their children to this park.  The kids eat ice cream and run around a torn down statue of Stalin while the parents drink beer and watch.

Fetus Fish

Enjoying the ride
That looks like fun!  Let me try!

Random Naked Wooden Men

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