Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can I get some vodka with my Red Bull?

Claudia went out in search of a dance club and managed to stumble upon Picasso’s DJ Bar.  After successfully using the “Hello!  We are from California!” bit, we were happily admitted into the basement club.  We checked our jackets and were pleasantly surprised by the remixes we heard.  Yes, it was techno, but I actually felt we could dance to it!  Excited to get the night started, Claudia and I made our way past the glittery dresses and ties to the bar.  Feeling a bit tired still from the traveling, Claudia asked for vodka Red Bull to wake her up.  I asked for two vodka Red Bulls and after a minute, our bar tender returns with a can of Red Bull with a straw.  Confused, I take a sip and after getting a concurrence from Claudia that the drink was indeed non-alcoholic, I tell the bar tender I had asked for VODKA with Red Bull.  “Ohh!  OK!” he says and asked for 200 more Rubles.  I pay the man, get my vodka Red Bull and decided it is time to run away, since it sounded like he was asking for even more money.  All that was left of that 1000 Ruble bill Claudia had given me for both drinks was a mere 50 Ruble bill.  Apparently, not only is drinking vodka with another beverage highly foreign in Russia, but also they really hammered the “Moscow is the most expensive city in the world” concept into my head.  We had just paid $30 to share vodka Red Bull.  Friends, just another example of how Moscow is, in the words of Lady Gaga, Beautiful and Dirty Rich.  

A nice Russian boy offered to give us a mini photo shoot

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