Thursday, October 14, 2010

You can speak English here

We made it to Yalta, Ukraine!!  Besides it being in the middle of now where, I don’t know why more people have not been to this area of the world.  Yes, you might be slightly damned or ripped off trying to get to the city from the airport if you don’t speak Russian.  Even though I speak Russian, our cab ride from the airport to the bus station cost more than three days of food.  Yalta is a beautiful city that I hope everyone will at least consider coming to someday.  I am definitely happy to be in a city that does not require gloves and a hat. 

After eating at a delicious Ukrainian restaurant, we decided to walk via the promenade to the McDonald’s to get dessert and utilize their Internet.  Turns out no one really speaks that much English. - except at McDonald’s.

Claudia: “Два МакСандаi”
McDonald’s Employee:  “You can speak English here.”
Claudia: “Oh, two MaKSUnDaiis?”

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